Egypt’s White Desert

Egypt’s White Desert

One of the most amazingly beautiful yet barren places on the planet.

The White Desert of the Sahara, located in White Desert Park in Egypt, is a vast and barren landscape that, contrary to what one might expect from a desert, is a true wonder to behold.  This 3700 square foot piece of desert is located just southwest of Cairo and is a popular stop on many tours that visit several amazing locations in and around the area.  If you’re a fan of the unusual beauty of the Earth, White Desert is worth a stop.

The desert’s unique look comes from its origins as a sea bed.  As the water receded, the layers of the desert formed from the drying process.  It changed, over the centuries, from a water mass to a lush land teeming with animal and plant life to the seemingly lifeless place that it is today.  The wind worked its magic on the landscape’s remnants and eventually left it with some unusual formations (as well as a sizable deposit of fossils).  Many have described the White Desert as comparable to an alien world or an arctic imitation under the hot desert sun.

By far the most renowned of the features are the strangely shaped rocks that oftentimes appear to defy geological 

principles and the laws of physics.  They come in all shapes and sizes, from mushroom-looking to cones and tents and a nearly endless variety of others.  People have taken to giving them names based on their form and that list of names is far too long to list here.  In addition to the rocks, there is a desert of white sand (chalk fields) stretching out to all horizons.  White Desert has its fair share of caves and ruins as well, for those willing to hunt them down.

If you plan on visiting the desert, you’ll likely want to sign up for a preplanned tour.  The guides know all the best places in this very large land.  Most tours will even give you the chance to camp out, witnessing one of the other wonders of this desert, when the rocks change color and 

shape as the sun descends.  During dusk and dawn, the White Desert is a completely different place, the landscape shifting form and astounding the senses.

This is a great location for those that want an outdoors vacation as well as a nice stop-over if you just want to go out on a day excursion.  It’s also a very popular place for safari, so there’s plenty of touring options to choose from, most of them with several of the other great sites of the nearby region on their touring agenda, which can make a trip to the desert into a full vacation experience.