Alexandria’s Fantazy Land

Alexandria’s Fantazy Land

Supposedly the worst amusement park on the planet and it looks it.

This next post is an entry aimed at those who may be a bit sadomasochistic when it comes to their vacations.  Fantazy Land, located in Alexandria, has been billed by many a website reviewer as the official worst amusement park in the world.  Once you’ve seen a few pictures of the place, that title becomes very easy to accept as fact.

Sure, Egypt may not be in the best shape right now to accept tourists, but the adventurous individual won’t let something small like a government transition hold them back.  The country has so much to see that it’s often well worth the risks involved.  Fantazy Land, in contrast, looks like it saw 90% of all the war and conflict of the country for the last 50 years or more.

The first thing you’ll notice when going to Fantazy Land (aside from the decaying sign) is that, if you are at tourist, the person at the gate will charge you 10 to 20 times more than they advertise for admission.  So, you’ll be dropping about the same as the price of a ticket to Disneyland.  Be prepared for that money to go straight down the toilet.

Inside the walls (or chain link fence, as it were) of Fantazy Land is a collection of run-down rides, many of which will not be working on any given day of the week.  Most of them are probably nowhere near passing any sort of safety inspection such as what we have here in the states, so each is a double thrill of life-and-death!  The space itself looks like it was once a war zone and when the battle stopped served as an impromptu garbage dump.

To be honest, most people could probably have more fun going down to their local park and to ride the slides and jump off the swings.  But if you really want to see the worst amusement park in the world, it’s right there in Alexandria waiting for you.  For photographers, it may be worth the $30 or $40 to get in and take some photos of this wasteland.  For the rest of you, enter at your own risk.